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How to Apply What You Know From Other Marketing Channels to Get Awesome at Email


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These days, there are more marketing channels than every before. If there ever was an era of multi-channel marketing, that time is now.

There’s social media, and then advertising on social media (Youtube ads, Facebook ads). You have blogging, email, events…it seems like there’s a new channel to try out every day, and it’s tough to bring it all together cohesively.

It’s also tough to learn a new marketing channel quickly enough so you can capture the opportunity of it before your competitors do.

I find the best way to expand my marketing knowledge is to rely on what I already know from other marketing channels and use that experience as a point of reference.

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8 Essential Practices for a Winning Post-Purchase Email

Congratulations! A customer just made a purchase. But, your job as a marketer is far from finished. The post-purchase period is an extremely critical point in the customer’s journey and in more ways than one, what you do after you get the sale is just as important as how you got that customer to checkout in the first place.

Post-purchase emails and nurture tracks help generate stronger customer loyalty, more repeat purchases, and above all else, help customers feel connected to your brand. Here are some key lessons from some of the best post-purchase emails out there.

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3 Ideas for Incentivizing Email Subscribers to Stay

The promotions tab in my Gmail inbox is a wide array of retailer newsletters.

Some emails are from one-time purchases from brands I no longer remember. Others are from companies I’d like to shop at one day, and others are from brands I want to shop at more. How did I get on these lists? Well, like many consumers, I signed up to get the initial discount. But more importantly, why am I still on these lists?

To be honest, I archive most of them without reading them, which tells me I have some cleaning up to do.

I’m like most consumers: There has to be a clear value to me for being on that email list. Otherwise, the incentive for me to be there will wear off over time.

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4 Characteristics of Effective eCommerce Newsletters

There’s a common misconception in eCommerce that spending resources on useful content and newsletter distribution is a waste of time and a distraction for your busy customers. While it’s no secret that email effectiveness has decreased in the eCommerce business, that’s no reason to drop them altogether. The biggest shift you as retailers need to make is letting go of the generalized approach. Newsletters aren’t going to be read if they aren’t relevant to the customer, so whether you change up the tone, the personalization features, or the cadence of your sends, something has to give.

The good news is that there are eCommerce companies doing this well and you can learn from them. Here are four elements of effective eCommerce newsletters you should try.

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Are Daily Deals Right For Your Online Store?

Daily deals are appealing for the eyeballs, email acquisition, and potential online sales. But are they really worth it in the long run?

With the rise in daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, there’s no question that this model can be an effective but it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into – for better or for worse.

Daily deals are short term sales that last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The deals offered typically range on the higher side of typical discounts you’d see online. Instead of 10% off, we’re talking deals as high as 90% off of certain items in that limited amount of time. For many brands, deals are also limited in number, simply adding to the demand and urgency for purchase.

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What You Need to Know Before Launching a Win-Back Campaign

Engaging inactive customers could be just what your business needs to drive sales. But, how can you decide whether or not it’s worth your time and effort to engage those older, inactive customers when you could just spend your marketing dollars (and hours) on acquiring new ones?

Here’s why: Based on our own calculations, return customers generate 4x more profit than one-time customers.

And if that’s not enough, it’s always worth testing something before you write it off.

Win-back campaigns are an effective tool that when executed right, could do amazing things for your business.

At the simplest level, win-back campaigns are a series of emails sent to customers who have not engaged with you in a while. Your goal is to get these customers to open their email, thus re-engaging with you, and from there, you can nurture this relationship further in an effort to boost spending.

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How Product Reviews Helped Waves Gear Achieve an 8% Lift in Revenue

Waves Gear was founded to solve a simple problem:There were tons of good looking sunglasses out in the market, but they didn’t float. That’s troublesome for those who love water sports.

So Waves Gear set out to solve this problem, and after multiple attempts, finally created and launched the Waves Gear Floating Sunglasses for the summer of 2012.

Through their Shopify site, they sell their signature floatable sunglasses, and have expanded their product line to micro towels (which take up less space in your beach bag than regular towels).

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3 Reasons People Abandoned Your Shopping Carts, And How to Solve It
abandoned shopping carts

Photo Credit: rolnitzky via Compfight cc

It’s no secret that abandoned carts are a very real problem for eCommerce sites. There have been numerous studies to shed light on the how common it is for your potential customers to ditch you at the last minute. But, what are you doing about it?

The average eCommerce site has a 73% abandonment rate, based on a report from SalesCycle that pulled data from 200 global brands. So, if so many people are leaving without buying, why are they doing it?

A recent survey from Statista may hold the answer.

The survey highlights the 14 most common reasons buyers aren’t following through with their online purchases.

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How Tortuga Backpacks Increased Email Subscriptions 7x With Content Marketing

In 2009, Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Cohen backpacked through Eastern Europe from Germany down to the islands of Croatia.

What was the hardest part of the trip? Finding the right luggage for the trip, that’s what.

They knew they wanted backpacks, but didn’t know which one. They searched at the typical stores – REI and North Face – but couldn’t find exactly what they wanted.

Around this time, Fred read Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and was inspired by the message of the book – to live life on your own terms and start your own business.

With a problem identified and a framework for entrepreneurship in mind, Fred and Jeremy set out to create the perfect travel backpack.

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5 Common Email Mistakes That Are Costing You Sales (And How to Fix Them)


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